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The Mysterians

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Scientifically advanced wanderers from the destroyed planet Mysteroid request a patch of land on Earth and the right to marry earthling women. After a demonstration of their destructive abilities from the help of their giant robot Moguera, mankind must decide whether to capitulate or to resist.

Title : The Mysterians

Year : 1957

Runtime : 89

Release Dates: 1957-12-28


Actors :

Kenji SaharaasJoji Atsumi
Yumi ShirakawaasEtsuko Shiraishi
Momoko KôchiasHiroko Iwamoto
Akihiko HirataasRyoichi Shiraishi
Takashi ShimuraasDr. Tanjiro Adachi
Susumu FujitaasGen. Morita
Hisaya ItôasCapt. Seki
Yoshio KosugiasCmdr. Sugimoto
Fuyuki MurakamiasDr. Nobu Kawanami
Tetsu NakamuraasDr. Koda
Yoshio TsuchiyaasLeader of the Mysterians
Yutaka SadaasPolice Capt. Miyamoto
Ren ImaizumiasAdachi's Assistant Hayami
Takeo OikawaasAnnouncer on TV
Tadao Nakamaruas1st Lt. Yamamoto
Heihachirô ÔkawaasPerson at Board Meeting
Haruya KatôasDoomed Villager
Senkichi ÔmuraasDoomed Villager
Harold ConwayasDr. DerGracia
Hideo MiharaasGen. Emoto
Rikkie SanjôasEtsuko's mother
Sôji UbukataasDr. Noda
Mitsuo TsudaasPerson at Defense Meeting
Haruo NakajimaasMoguera
Ren ImaizumiasHayami
Shin ÔtomoasPoliceman Kawada
Takuzô KumagaiasColonel Ito
Akio KusamaasPolice Station Chief Togawa
Shôichi HiroseasDetective in Etsuko's house
Tadao Nakamaruas1st. Lt. Yamamoto
Kamayuki TsubonoasDefense Meeting Attendee
Rinsaku OgataasPoliceman Ogata
Yasuhiro ShigenobuasDoomed villager
George FurnessasDr. Svenson
Katsumi TezukaasMysterian
Hideo UnagamiasMysterian
Ryûtarô AmamiasPoliceman
Saburô KadowakiasPoliceman
Keiichirô KatsumotoasDetective
Masayoshi KawabeasPoliceman
Mitsuo MatsumotoasNewspaper Reporter
Jirô MitsuakiasDetective
Eisuke NakanishiasDetective in Etsuko's house

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